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Paul Gibson

Paul is passionate about design and creating architecture that tells a story. He influences each project with a keen eye for concept design, program, and purpose. As an accomplished builder and woodworker, Paul's creativity is matched by his craftsmanship and ability to develop a buildable design.

Paul was an avid home brewer until an accident reinforced the importance of his hands to his line of work. And while home brewing is out, Paul still lives on the edge pursuing his passion for woodworking and the use of power tools. His latest project is a 15 foot bay boat.


Hometown: Sanford, North Carolina

School(s): The McCallie School, Duke University, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Family: Married to Christa Spann and has three children; Mills, Jules, and Maddie

Music: Ranges from Bill Evans to Radiohead

Did you know: Paul is the former drummer for Whirlygig.

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